Happy If Happy When
Dec 28, 2018
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The farm they bought had a mind of its own.

Happy If Happy When is a humorous, heart-warming, family-friendly musical about two artists and their five children who pursue a dream of moving to the country. Not only is this musical based on a true story, it was written and will be performed by the family who lived it.

Book, lyrics, music by Kimerer L LaMothe.

Music, arrangements by Geoffrey K Gee.

"formidable in its expressive scope and power” -- WBTNAM.ORG

“performed with style, verve, and success” -- Glens Falls Chronicle

"The whole idea of a family performing a musical together was really inspired and in the end, just brilliant. You can really see and feel the bond that they all have with each other. The singing was honest and fascinating. . . The whole concept of the play was something quite genuine and creative. One might think that this is a vanity play with mediocre talent … nope. The acting, transcendent; the voices, marvelous. Even the two really young youngsters were exceptional. It’s quite unique to see such young talent on anything but a Broadway show, studio film or network TV. I’m dubious of musicals, but this one definitely made me reconsider my views and bring myself back for more." – Mia Moreta, https://words4musicblog.wordpress.com

"The entire family/cast were exemplary and worked well off of each other – as well [they] should… We were offered catchy tunes – a throwback to the good old days of the American musical – sung well with some stunning harmonies. Kimerer LaMothe also showed herself to be a fine dancer. Happy If Happy When took an age-old art form and innovated it: A family musical for the whole family done by the family about the family so bring the family to see it!" – Alexa Garcia, Outer Stage, Journal of independent stage and film reviews

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Categories: Musical Comedy
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Running time: 1:40    
Intermission(s): Yes
Price: $10.00 - $30.00
Seating: General Admission